An Addition To Jack, Wanda, and Ben

In less frivolous news, I have completed an addition to Jack, Wanda, and Ben that expands it from a six and a half minute play into a fifteen minute play, at least. Wanda gets a little more range, Ben gets a little more sympathetic, and Jack gets insufferably shrill. I like it!

Will you see this addition on the site? I’m mulling it over.

Also, this revision should have been done a year ago when I had the idea for it. Now I’m slacking off on my current projects.

What projects? Before I picked up JWB, I was working on:

  1. My piñata play, tentatively titled Zenyatta Piñata, though it has nothing to do with Sting. And….
  2. My Plato’s Republic spoof, titled Philosopher Kings. If successful, this would be a companion piece to Menage a Sartre.

What about my other ideas? Almost all of them are dead, including the two and a half years in the making James and Kathryn. What stopped me cold? I watched Strange Days two weeks ago. It showed me what little real-life inspiration I have to work from.

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