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Outright Idiotic Conversation

If you’re speaking out loud in my presence, please be witty, please. I can’t stand to listen to outright idiotic conversation. Study the following examples. RIGHT: Dean Somewhere in the city is a tower shaped like a lipstick tube. I … Continue reading

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An Addition To Jack, Wanda, and Ben

In less frivolous news, I have completed an addition to Jack, Wanda, and Ben that expands it from a six and a half minute play into a fifteen minute play, at least. Wanda gets a little more range, Ben gets … Continue reading

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Yet Another Time Period

We have to consider the real victim of this Michael Jackson trial: Marty McFly. He’s having trouble adjusting to the year 2005…. (Hill Valley, 2005. At the arcade, Marty’s attempts to order a Tab and a Pepsi Free have not … Continue reading

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