The Crusading Doctor Stockmann

I found this Enemy of the People review yesterday when searching for news of Arthur Miller. The critic, Joe Adcock of The Seattle Post-Intelligencer, speculates what may happen after the curtain falls on Ibsen’s play:

Dr. Stockman’s [sic] story is pretty bleak. But there’s always the grim consolation that the truth will come out. Facts are facts.

Next summer health-seekers will get sick, rumors will fly, businesses will be ruined, the insufferably pompous Mayor Peter Stockman will somehow come to a bad end, citizens will repent and the crusading doctor will say, grandiosely, “I told you so!”

Isn’t even that epilogue too idealistic? I think these Norwegians can keep this scam going for a long time. Typhoid? Infusoria? It’s the tourists’ own fault for not preparing themselves properly for the Baths. Dr. Stockmann’s stories are merely fodder for liberal trial lawyers.

I think there may be a one-act play in this. Let me add it to the list.

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