Avenue Q Fanfiction

Hungry for more Jeff Whitty? How about some Avenue Q fanfiction?

…”I’ll leave if you think it would help. Even though I don’t want to. I do love you, Rod, as a friend, and I’d like to stay here and continue that friendship. But if you don’t think that that’s possible, I’ll understand and I’ll leave Avenue Q. Then you won’t ever have to see me again.”

The thought of not seeing [Nicky] tore holes in my gut, and I couldn’t stop myself from saying, “No. Please, don’t leave.” I knew it would be bad if he left. I had barely survived his last departure; I knew I wouldn’t be able to make it through a second time.

There’s plenty where that came from. But those of you who want to read erotic puppet sex fantasies might as well stay here—the author inexplicably changed Rod and Nicky into human beings. Because no one watches Avenue Q for the puppets. Whither Trekkie Monster?

No one expects fan fiction to be readable, but can’t the remains of the cannibalized work at least be identifiable? I don’t mean to beat up on the kids, but this short story’s author, “Kagedtiger”, is 18; she can be tried as an adult for this stuff.

If you promise puppets, give me puppets!

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