Moises Off

Instead of existentialism, I wondered if I could create a one-act that fits a classic play into the frame of Noises Off.

But the idea soon became subservient to an irresistable parody title: Moises Off.

Moises Kaufman and socially relevant documentary theatre? A one-act parody combination of The Laramie Project and I Am My Own Wife? Wacky German transvestites, Wyoming yokels, and actors recounting how often they cried? This stuff is really really asking to be parodied.

Yet it already was. Moises and the Tectonics were already sent up in Jeff Whitty’s The Plank Project, which, like Frayn’s comedy classic, invests heavily in backstage antics. I could still parody Kaufman’s work, but I don’t think I’d do any better making it like Noises Off. So there goes my title.

Of course, The Plank Project stays far away from the Matthew Shepard tragedy, something my parody can dive into headfirst. Dean has often requested that I write a musical version of The Laramie Project and retitle it Fag On A Fence. That’ll make everyone happy! But only if Matthew Shepard can come back at the end like in Godspell. Bless the Lord my soul!

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