A Long Distance Writer

My resolution for 2004 was obnoxiously unchallenging. I had given you no new plays in 2003, so I resolved to write something during 2004. And now there are four new plays on the site.

For 2005, I need to clear a bigger hurdle. Let’s list this in order of difficulty.

  1. I resolve to complete a full-length play and bring it to the site.
  2. This play will be one I mentioned often in the past, such as Eating Disorder or James and Kathryn.
  3. To top it off, why not also complete the Marley Show rewrite/adaptation?

I haven’t completed a full-length play since December 2000; it’s time to become a long distance writer again. Can I do it?

Not if I start off the year writing yet another short play. Which I am. Oh well, see you in December!

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