Have You Never Been Melodramatic?

I have two pieces you may or may not be seeing soon on the site. My assignment for both was to write something funny and/or scary. I did neither.

Instead I offered a healthy dose of old-fashioned melodrama. Families in crisis! Tough moral decisions! Dialogue that would be laughable in almost any other context!

And I’ve done it before. What is the revelation of Alice’s sister in I Am The Devil if not melodrama? I don’t mind letting the characters get serious about the small stuff, but I hope they earn it first.

My short play Big Game is an absurd situation taken seriously by the actress for comic effect. These plays also have strange setups. One includes a priest trying to casually ignore the fact that he is bleeding heavily. The other has Harry Potter. But I think that I’ve written them as to kill any comic effect they have. And I think that might be best for them.

So am I letting the melodrama win over the comedy? I think I am. And so what? Have you never been melodramatic?

I actually have five “finished” short plays, but I don’t know what I want to do with them. Maybe I want to remake this entire website first. Stay tuned, folks.

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