An Idea Disguised as a Football

Every writer goes WHIRRRR at some point, at many points. I guess it’s hard to explain. You’ll see something, read something, or think something, and suddenly it’s as if you’ve been handed an idea disguised as a football.

And now you have to run downfield with it.

That just happened to me from this article: Boy Spots His Kidnap Photo on Net.

A Californian teenager discovered that he was apparently abducted as a toddler after he spotted a picture of himself on a missing children’s website.

Whoa! Somebody call Philip K. Dick! But Dick’s been dead for decades—looks like another author will have to tackle this concept. WHIRRRR….

This is the sound an idea makes while it screams in every direction it can take from this article. It can go into science fiction, dart into Arthur Miller failed-parent territory, or even into a Lifetime special.

And there’s Mounties involved! Mounties! Real life rules!

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