John Fogerty

Man, it must be tough being John Fogerty. First the record companies take Creedence Clearwater Revival away from him, then they sue him for sounding too much like Creedence.

Then, apparently, the federal government takes control of the band and uses CCR to stay in contact with EVIL defense contractors. The big wheel does indeed keep on turning.

And that’s another thing, with all this Iraq whatnot, where was John Fogerty? While Christmas shopping, I heard a radio commercial that began with a recycled speech from George W. Bush, stating Saddam Hussein had been captured. A radio announce followed this up with (and I quote from memory), “Now that we’re winning the war on terror, we’re giving away Saddam’s money. Stay tuned for your chance to win Saddam’s stash!” Immediately after this promo, the station played Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Run Through the Jungle,” with no intended irony.

It may be that CCR’s music is now politically inert, but I do wonder why John Fogerty is, too. Even if Iraq is no Vietnam, there are still plenty of Fortunate Sons, 747s coming out of the sky, and Susie Qs to go around.

Heck, even the warmed-over Pete Rose circus should rile him up enough to make another baseball song.

I’m ready to play. Today.

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