Check Card Statements

Real-Life Writing Assigment

Create a short play or story using these selected entries from Mike’s credit card statement:

01/08/2004    Withdrawal    CKCD DEBIT 01/06 U-STORE 4570PRINCETON NJ    $4.24
01/06/2004    Withdrawal    POS DEBIT 01/05 SOU SHOPRITE SKILLMAN NJ     $45.98
01/05/2004    Withdrawal    CKCD DEBIT 01/03 SUNOCO MONTGOMERY T NJ      $17.80
12/31/2003    Withdrawal    POS DEBIT 12/30 WILDOATS Princeton NJ        $30.02

Completed assignments are due back to me by the end of the week.

Great, now Wild Oats knows I cheated on them.

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