Another Year Over

Another year over, and nothing accomplished.

Remember the promise that 2003 held? Or rather, the promise I held to myself at the beginning of the year? I made three resolutions, and kept none of them.

  • I resolved to write you a Boring Science Play and I did not.
  • I resolved to write you Eating Disorder and I did not.
  • I resolved to see The Bill Show performed, and indeed, it was performed (at least) twice during the past year, I was not able to see these productions, nor was I involved in making them happen.

In fact, though I have jotted notes, written drafts, and put stupid pictures in this weblog, I have not added one new play. I’m still writing, but not completing.

So the new resolution for this year is anything. If I can finish anything and call it a play, and I can bring it to you on this site, I will have completed what I have resolved to do.

If I don’t, though, I don’t know if the bar can be dropped any lower for 2005.

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