No Exit

Four mystery people.

Take a look at this picture. Obviously it’s from something dramatic, but what? Is this an improv comedy group? A cast photo from any random production of Lend Me A Tenor?

Nope, it’s from the Sartriffic Theatre Intime production of No Exit. I had a yen to see this play on Wednesday, November 19, but I instead spent the evening unconscious with a cold, trying not to die.

And judging this book by its cover, or at least by its picture in the Princeton Town Topics, it seems that wise Nancy Vitale was right again. She told me she never wanted to see an undergraduate production of No Exit because 18-23 year olds could never pull off the age necessary for these characters. Sure, none of Sartre’s characters are any more than middle-aged, but they’ve lived (and died). I would find it hard to believe that these actors have amassed anything close to a lifetime of failure.

So on the basis of the picture from one show, I’m ready to write off the entire Intime Season. I don’t think The Laramie Project could be much different from the production I saw, and as for their season opener Hysteria!, why would I want to see a play based on a Def Leppard album?

Oh no. That’s going to be the next big Broadway musical, isn’t it?

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