Too Many Shows

It happens at least once a year: too many shows to see, not enough time. Can I make the most of it? Let’s see….

SHOW: Anna in the Tropics
GROUP: McCarter’s season-opener production, now at the Royale Theatre on Broadway!
ATTENDING: Tomorrow (already have the tickets)
OBLIGATION: I guess there’s no personal obligation, but professionally, this cast is McCarter’s New York “ambassadorship,” so it’s good to check up on them.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I don’t. But depending on where author Nilo is going with this, I may not like it, either.
WHY I’LL GO: I already have the tickets and a detailed travel plan.
WHY I WON’T: A month ago I promised to bring Teresa to the show. Then I never even told her when the show was on Broadway! She may not like that!

SHOW: Being and Nuttiness or whatever the pun is this year.
GROUP: Who else? The Princeton Triangle Club!
ATTENDING: This weekend or never.
OBLIGATION: They take over my building.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I know less about it than last year’s Triangle show. So, no, I don’t.
WHY I’LL GO: I’m curious.
WHY I WON’T: I’m also curious about electrical sockets.

SHOW: The Mystery of Edwin Drood
GROUP: Opera Theatre of TCNJ
ATTENDING: Maybe Saturday?
OBLIGATION: My old school.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I was in Drood in high school, and I loved the show top to bottom.
WHY I’LL GO: It’s probably the musical I like the most.
WHY I WON’T: Wait a minute, Opera Theatre doesn’t have a very good track record of putting on enjoyable productions. In fact, some of them have driven me insane….

SHOW: No Exit
GROUP: Princeton’s Theatre Intime
ATTENDING: This weekend only.
OBLIGATION: Teresa’s friend is the director.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? When doing time at the Summer Cabaret at Yale, Kate Bredeson directed a very fun, sexy production of the Sartre classic (which, about a week ago, gave me an idea that maybe I shouldn’t pursue….)
WHY I’LL GO: When Sartre is sexy, he’s really sexy. And when he’s a talky, gaseous chauvinist, he’s just like me! And isn’t it interesting that Sartre’s vision of hell is the guy from Office Space’s vision of what he would do if he had a million dollars?
WHY I WON’T: Nancy V. suggests, “Why don’t you just read the script instead?”

SHOW: Big Love
GROUP: Princeton’s Program in Theater and Dance — in the Berlind!
ATTENDING: It’s performing this weekend and next, but it will have to be next weekend.
OBLIGATION: More Princeton kids in my workspace. I have to haunt them like the old groundskeeper on Scooby Doo
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? After Vienna Humpenhausen and Wintertime, I don’t see anything I like in Charles Mee’s work. (Since I expected to be lividly furious with Wintertime, this isn’t so bad.)
WHY I’LL GO: Director Davis McCallum got some great performances out of some shockingly young performers for Sarah Ruhl’s Melancholy Play. Let’s see what he can do here.
WHY I WON’T: I have a feeling that this will be the show that everyone I want to go with will ditch.

SHOW: Evening of Shorts 2004
GROUP: All College Theatre
ATTENDING: Next week or bust.
OBLIGATION: I think I personally promised everyone I saw at the all-Gentile Brighton Beach memoirs that I would be at the one-acts.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I can’t hate the one-acts. There have been shows that I haven’t liked over the years, but the one-acts have never seemed uncontrolled, amateurish, or overreaching. Sometimes they explode. But they work.
WHY I’LL GO: The above reasons. Oh, and Honor is hot.
WHY I WON’T: There are no inanimate objects listed in the credits that are worthy of copulation.

SHOW: The Marley Show
GROUP: DADANESS at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
ATTENDING: November 23 and 24 in Tokyo
OBLIGATION: I wrote the show!
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? Only my three years spent in futile rewrites of it!
WHY I’LL GO: I haven’t mentioned this production here, have I? The Marley Show will be performed in English by a Japanese drama group as part of a larger university festival. The group has shortened the play and smoothed over some cultural references, and I’m very interested to see how it is received.
WHY I WON’T: Unfortunately, I’ll be observing from quite a distance; no Tokyo for me. Best of luck to the performers!

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