Naked Twister

If I may ask (and you may want to put the kids to bed before answering), what is the appeal of Naked Twister?

I’ve previously expressed my enthusiasm for movement onstage, and thanks to one play I am well known for making something subvertly sexual into something overtly sexual. But of course, there’s nothing subversive about finding Twister sexy; its “sex in a box” quality has been with it from the beginning. While it could be fun to crawl in between your unclad companions, it certainly isn’t original.

So Twister has been sexy for the last few decades; have any more recent games come along that also have an erotic aspect? I suppose everyone can create a pornographic Pictionary, Mad Lib, or Boggle entry, but those don’t share the physical nature of Twister. There’s always mud/Jello/etc wrestling, but (at least since Stripes) this is most commonly billed as a spectator sport, and you can’t very well set up your own mud wrestling pit in your living room.

The closest game I can think of is Dance Dance Revolution, which encourages physical movement and can be played in competition with others. However, I don’t believe Naked Dance Dance Revolution can be a great success, either. Whereas Twister is about carefully balancing yourself while intertwined with your opponents, Dance Dance Revolution just has you hopping up and down, which can be an unpleasant sight no matter how close to a bronzed god you look.

So maybe it’s best to stick with the classics. The next time you have a wild, Dionysian party, after you finish inviting me, remember the board with the multi-colored polka dots. It will remember you.

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