Make The 80s Stop

I once bestowed a nostalgia-fueled mix tape with the title “Make the 80s Stop!” Sadly, the members of Animotion don’t seem to know when to quit.

Sep. 1, 2003

What is it with thunderstorms and Animotion? Las Vegas was the third show in a row to be affected by thunderstorms! It was OK for our set, but after about 4 songs Human League had to dive for cover for fear of being hit by lighting at the Sunset Station Amphitheater.

The near electrocution of Human League. Before that the guy from Loverboy was swept off his boat into the ocean. And most infamously, 100 people were killed in Great White-created hellfire.

I was trying to tell the world something with my mix tape. So is the Old Testament God.

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