Sushi Dream

Possibly Attractive Woman: It means I’m going to be stuck in a car with him for half a day. Yuck.

Mike Mariano: But there’s a bright side; it’s great practice for an eventual appearance on The Amazing Race!

Possibly Attractive Woman: OK, no.

Possibly Attractive Woman: I do NOT watch television, and I refuse to have a conversation mentioning anything about TV, Avril, or anything “pop.”

Mike Mariano: OK.

Then I woke up.

That’s correct; the fake instant messaging transcript above is actually a recreation of my dream from this morning. It’s my first remembered dream this month, and is a perfect test case for my as-yet-unfruitful study on the effects of food on dreams.

Last night I attended the underwhelming Ichiban Restaurant and had the #11 dinner platter: tuna, yellowtail, and salmon maki. I returned home and had a bowl of chocolate peanut butter ice cream and a cup of tea (overloaded with honey). It’s a step up from Sugar Babies.

So a sushi-fueled subconscious conjures up a scenario in which Mike is too mainstream? It’s true that I stand in the shallow end of the pool of popular culture, but the waters I wade in are stagnant—my knowledge of pop culture ends somewhere during the heyday of David Lynch or David Koresh. I have never seen The Amazing Race, and although I don’t recall whether it was in fact the show I mentioned in my dream, I know the mentioned show was one I had not seen. So I am in trouble for acknowledging the existence of something that both of us had ignored.

But maybe that’s still a character flaw on my part. I speak the language of Total Request Live, but why? People hear it ad nauseum anyway; as a playwright, I should let them listen to something entirely new. And my Japanese cuisine has revealed this to me. Rolled fish is my inspiration. Pickled ginger my muse.

I’m sure that conscious, recent experience had nothing to do with my dreams. Sure, yesterday I was having IM troubles and also received a somewhat harsh correction to a term I used, but that’s just coincidence. It was all food.

And my dream also reveals if I work hard, maybe my indie-rock credibility will finally take off….

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