Sugar Babies

Writers of all stripes are inspired in different ways by their dreams. Every writer forms his idea as bait, then casts it into the outside world, or his conscious, or in this case his subconscious.

And we can’t forget the old wive’s tale that what you eat can give you nightmares. There is not a proven connection between what you eat and what you dream, but an upset stomach can lead to upset sleeping, and according to crackpot websites, we can extend that connection to upset dreaming. Is there a direct line between our diet and our dreams?

I make a poor first test subject for this question; I rarely remember my dreams. Most of them deal with weird architecture and cleaning my apartment. In my last remembered dream (from Saturday night, September 27), Jimmy Smits got arrested for, I don’t even know what. That didn’t inspire anything.

Well, I suppose it inspired this piece, but still….

Last night I had this for dinner:

A melted box of Sugar Babies.

The results?

At 6:23 a.m., I awoke. I thought to myself, “Oh, I’m up earlier than I thought I’d be.”

That was it. My subconscious silenced by a glance at the clock. No M.C. Escher interior design. No imprisoned celebrities. No dreams.

In other words, the same thing that happens every morning.

The conclusion I can draw? Half a pound of stuck-to-the-cardboard Sugar Babies is a perfectly normal part of any writer’s diet.

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