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Make The 80s Stop

I once bestowed a nostalgia-fueled mix tape with the title “Make the 80s Stop!” Sadly, the members of Animotion don’t seem to know when to quit. Sep. 1, 2003 What is it with thunderstorms and Animotion? Las Vegas was the … Continue reading

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You can’t co-author without a co-author. You also can’t see shows…. Date: Sat, 25 Oct 2003 15:30:21 -0400 From: Dean F. Hurley To: Mike Mariano Mike, Sent text message—got up not feeling good but got dress and about ready to … Continue reading

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Black Sunday

Let’s summarize the work Dean and I accomplished the previous weekend. We considered scrapping our revision/running joke The Marley Show, Third Edition for The Eva Show, featuring everyone’s favorite German Temptress. This time around, Eva has caused the deaths of … Continue reading

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