A Maytag Repairman

Now seems a bad time to schedule it, but I have a Maytag repairman coming to look at our dishwasher on Friday. How is that going to go?

Mike (Apprehensive:) Gosh, you know…. I feel bad about….

Repairman Bad about what?

Mike I mean, about the Maytag Repairman.

(The Repairman stops.)

Repairman The one on TV?

Mike Yeah.

Repairman (Resumes work:) Yeah, what can you do. People get old.

Mike Yeah. (Beat:) I’m just wondering, you know, because you work as a…. So, I’m wondering how people at work have been taking it.

Repairman Well, you know, he was a guy on TV. We were the repairmen. It’s not so similar.

Mike I see.

Repairman And really, sometimes it got ridiculous. He set this impossible standard, so every job we do, it’s treated like total failure.

Mike Wow. So you’re almost better off without him.

Repairman Well I don’t want to be bad about it, but yeah. A repairman repairs. The commercials made it seem like there was something wrong with us.

Mike I understand.

(The Repairman returns to work. Silence. The Repairman’s screwdriver drops from his hand and hits the floor. Hard. He looks out.)

Mike Is something wrong?

Repairman (With tears in his eyes.) It’s…. He gave me something to strive for…!

(The Repairman sobs. Mike takes him into an embrace. And lets him cry.)

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