Bad Freudian Hamlet

(22:49:53) Mike Mariano: Hey, I now have a sleeper couch.

(22:50:07) Mike Mariano: When unfolded, it takes up MY WHOLE ROOM.

(22:50:39) Dean Hurley: hahaha

(22:50:53) Dean Hurley: it is like a 10 dollar truck stop hotel room – WOO HOOO

(22:51:32) Mike Mariano: It’s also like a really bad Freudian Hamlet.

(22:51:39) Dean Hurley: hahaha

(22:52:15) Mike Mariano: (Hamlet sits on the arm of the couch. His mother unfolds it and it’s a bed. He screams.)

(22:52:25) Dean Hurley: AAAAAAA

(22:52:36) Mike Mariano: (Hamlet rests his arm on the filing cabinet, out pops the Murphy bed.)

(22:52:46) Dean Hurley: hahahahahaha

(22:54:15) Mike Mariano: HAMLET: That’s it; I’m hiding behind the curtain.

(22:54:21) Mike Mariano: GERTRUDE: That’s the futon.

(22:54:27) Mike Mariano: HAMLET: AAAAA

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