Too Political

I should have mentioned this two weeks ago, but I think I’ve already been too political. So with the passage of time, I’m allowed to be shrill and annoying again.

I caught a bit of Saturday Night Live when Matthew McConaughey was the host, and I was a bit disturbed by the two sketches I saw. The opening sketch made fun of United Nations diplomats, portraying these ambassadors as criminals, describing their planned indignities against New York City, all the while enjoying their diplomatic immunity. The second sketch I saw had Mr. McConaughey as a protest leader against an Iraq war, but poked fun at all the protesters, who all had their own, separate causes.

This is Saturday Night Live humor now? Admittedly, the show has never been as politically savage as it seems to recall. Beginning probably with Dana Carvey’s President Bush, the political figures have almost never been criticized; in fact they’ve been revered. But these two sketches went beyond reverence. When SNL did their British Parliament sketches, they were exaggerations of the behavior Parliament exhibited on C-SPAN. But this version of the United Nations had nothing to do with what we saw during Powell’s address, and was just slander drawn from either round-the-world cases of diplomatic excess or from Lethal Weapon 2. The second sketch was just as unforgivable, suggesting that protest groups that come together for one thing are really only looking to push their own, less immediate agendas.

I never thought of describing Saturday Night Live as xenophobic or anti-counter-culture, but that’s just what I saw passing for humor that night.

P.S.: I saw The Laramie Project at Westminster Choir College last night, presented by the Phoenix Players (formerly the Westminster Players). It was well done, but now I know what The Plank Project was making fun of, and making fun of very well….

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