A New, Paranoid Step

I have recently been filling Post-It notes with goofy one-liners (later, of course, to be sorted to their respective gag reels), but now I’m taking a new, paranoid step. After an idea hits me, I pause. I ask myself, “Has anyone else thought of this?” Then I exert quite a bit of effort to find out.

This week and last I’ve done dozens of Google searches to find out if anyone has done a dramatic reading of Lionel Richie’s “Hello” video (There was something close in an Austrailia concert.), or if anyone thought Postcards From the Edge referred to the guy from U2 (a few have). Fact-finding of the highest priority.

“But Mike,” you ask. “Isn’t this just more unneccesary labor to distract you from writing anything substantial?” The answer to that is easily observed; I suggest you perform a multitude of Google searches on your own.

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