Pretty Pony John

This is all I’ve been writing that’s not a slowly-trickling outline. Is this an improvement?

Pretty Pony John.

Pretty Pony John lived in Westfordshire, where everything was springing and lovely. John loved his long walks in the country with biscuits and animal friends. One day he and his friends came across a large table lamp, one too large to stand on it’s own. But John was not prepared to let it sit by itself with no support. He turned to his friend Wallace the Carpentry Gnome to replace the lamp’s aged supports with real metal workings that would allow for self-movement. Pretty Pony John found this to be most suitable, and he moved the lamp from the country to his study at home, where he spent many pilled nights under the warmth of a sturdy table lamp. Things turned out splendidly for Pretty Pony John.

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