Resolutions for 2003

I may just have news for not just one, but two of my short plays. I will keep you informed.

It’s depressing that with all the projects I started in 2002, only three things made it to the site: Urban Myth, RIP, B.B., and a slight addition to Couchophilia. Off-site, I have four finished works from my Creative Writing class that I have hesitated to polish. I have projects that have been abandoned, (There’s Only One Texas, some of the Boring Science Plays, and maybe The Marley Show revision). And not least of all I have that dang Eating Disorder, which has kept me challenged for a while now. (The original idea came to me post-Green Cheese, so we’re talking close to five years.) With all that could have been accomplished, I feel it’s time to make some resolutions for 2003:

  • You will see some version of Eating Disorder on the site, most likely a full-length play.
  • You will also see at least one of the Boring Science Plays on the site. At least one of them is too good to pass up.
  • And my own wish is that I will see The Bill Show onstage somewhere! Its time has come.

I’m busy, and my writing comes as slow as ever, but two works isn’t such a harsh task. Write me back in 2004 to tell me either you hate my procrastination or that you hate my rushed-quality work. Or perhaps both will apply.

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