The Princeton Elite

Taking tickets at the door of tonight’s performance of McCarter’s A Christmas Carol, whom do I spy across the lobby? Why it’s everyone’s favorite African American Religious Studies Professor/Recording Artist Cornel West. Dickens really brings out the Princeton elite.

Aside from the fact that I am now turning this weblog into a local gossip column (Stay tuned next week for shocking proof Professor Edward Felten wants to break into your house….), I’m now also curious: what went through Dr. West’s head tonight while watching A Christmas Carol? The only thing I can think of is “This show’s all right, but instead of singing, what Bob Cratchit should really do is break out into some spoken word poetry using the speeches of Medgar Evers.” The poverty of that joke just goes to show how mystified I remain.

Hey, I definitely have information on last weekend’s phenomenal performance of Couchophilia at Pace University, but details will have to wait. I went to the Wednesday night showing, and it was by far the best-received and slickest short of the evening. The cast and crew knew how to give it—to the couch and the audience. If you need any more of an endorsement, Teresa liked it better than my production. Director Sarah Antalek deserves one heck of a good grade.

So stay tuned for an updated couchnotes.html, and stay tuned tonight as Dr. West is visited by three spirits of Christmas that show him the error of, uh, ditching Harvard. Or those retro glasses.

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