Alternate Titles

Here’s some of the alternate titles I’ve been mulling over for Marley 3E:

  • Don’t Get Up, Please
  • Rest In Peace
  • Dead!
  • On Dying Tactfully
  • Movin’ Out with Billy Joel and Twyla Tharp
  • Now Departing
  • Bon Voyage
  • Morte! Morte! Morte!

I think at least one of those titles has been used before, but this list is a start. I’m kind of partial to that last one.

If anyone wants to help, go back and read Act I, Scenes 2 and 5 from The Marley Show, then let me know what titles pop into your head. Something that says it all without saying what other’s have said before. Don’t let thinking too hard give you a heart attack-ack-ack-ack-ack-ack….

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