Dearly Departed

Doing something work-related today, I found that the working title Dean and I had given to The Marley Show Third Edition, Dearly Departed, was already in use. In the already-existing play, a cast of ten turns a funeral into a riotous farce…uh….

We’ve had name problems before, and both Dean and I are aware that The Marley Show is a not-very-inspired title. With a revision set entirely in the funeral home, we thought we could get a new title out of it as well. Unfortunately, the most likely candidate has been taken. So what else can you call a funeral home farce? The search continues….

Also, a new idea has occured to me for my Eating Disorder play, which is still buzzing with ideas but idling on plot. My idea is little more than a “hide-and-seek” game typical of many stage farces, but at least it’s lively. The challenge will be to marry a simple comedy device to the marginally heavier themes that I want the play to bring across. I’ve got to find the balance—and make it interesting.

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