Another Show Rundown

It’s time for another show rundown. I’ve got plenty of theatre to go to in the next two weeks. Can I do it? That’s what this handy organizational chart is for!

SHOW: An Evening of Shorts 2003
GROUP: All College Theatre
DATES: 11/7, 11/8, 11/9, 11/14, 11/15, 11/16 @ 8:00pm
OBLIGATION: It’s my people!
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I saw “Women and Wallace” when my friend Angela directed it, and it was decent. I better not hate the others.
WHY I’LL GO: Even when the one-acts are bad, they’re so good to watch. This year Marc Lazarow will give us something unsettlingly medical in “Thank You, Doctor.” Elizabeth Livingston will get twisted with her classical skills and give us “The Fifteen-Minute Hamlet.” Janine Miscia will give us inanimate object hate in “ATM Thing.” And John Elliott will get pretentious, but also witty in “Women and Wallace.” All of these sound ambitious, and I look forward to the results.
WHY I WON’T: Guys, Earnest really sucked. There were some really solid performances, but overall it looked like you got to a point then stopped trying. If this happens again I’m just going to start smacking people.

SHOW: keyword: ALIEN
GROUP: McCarter Theatre
DATES: 11/11, 11/12 @ 7:00pm; 11/17 @ 4:00pm
OBLIGATION: These short plays are getting a really positive buzz around the theatre. Uh, but my obligation is that I’ll be running sound and lights.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? No, and I shouldn’t.
WHY I’LL GO: I’m working it!
WHY I WON’T: My methadone addiction makes me unreliable.

SHOW: West Side Story
GROUP: Princeton University Players
DATES: 11/14, 11/15, 11/16 @ 8:00pm
OBLIGATION: Teresa’s friend and Jason’s friends are in it.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? Well, I don’t like it. At all. So yeah.
WHY I’LL GO: Teresa goes to see all my friends, so it’s only fair I see hers.
WHY I WON’T: Since when have I been fair to Teresa? Plus, I doubt this will have the “1999 Prologue” I saw when Kean University performed it, set to Wyclef Jean and Santana’s rendition of “Maria Maria”.

SHOW: Pippin
GROUP: Opera Theatre of TCNJ
DATES: 11/14, 11/15, 11/16 @ 8:00pm; 11/17 @ 4:00pm
OBLIGATION: It’s my other people!
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? Yes. Oh yes….
WHY I’LL GO: Because Angela will make me.
WHY I WON’T: The last time Opera Theatre did a show I hate (Carousel) it lasted three hours and nearly gave me an ulcer. Why should I give them the satisfaction again?

SHOW: Melancholy Play
GROUP: Princeton Theatre and Dance Program
DATES: 11/14-11/17 and 11/21-11/23 @ 8:00pm
OBLIGATION: Visiting playwright and current housemate Sarah Ruhl has written this show.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I don’t know the show. But I don’t hate Sarah.
WHY I’LL GO: Sarah is nice, and the show will have music. If it has wacky drumming like in Crowns, I’m sold!
WHY I WON’T: Sarah is pretty low on my guilt list, so if I miss the show it’s won’t be that large a vendetta.

SHOW: The Dead
GROUP: Kean University
DATES: 11/15 and 11/16 @ 8:00pm; maybe more dates?
OBLIGATION: Former partner-in-crime Robyn Fisher stars in this James Joyce laugh-fest! (Completely Houston free!)
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I thought the movie was decent.
WHY I’LL GO: Do you realize how long it’s been since I’ve seen Robyn? I need to represent!
WHY I WON’T: Since I plan on going with Dean, it won’t be unlikely that he’ll flake out or get his car broken into or some other excuse. Stupid Dean.

SHOW: Squeaky Clean Comedy
GROUP: StageRight Productions
DATES: 10/28, 11/3, 11/10, 11/17 @ 6:30pm
OBLIGATION: It features my play!
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? No, it was really good when I saw it (besides the $4.50 sodas).
WHY I’LL GO: Because I can’t get enough.
WHY I WON’T: I saw it the first weekend, and now, as you can see, I’m swamped!

SHOW: This Side of Parody
GROUP: Princeton Triangle Club
DATES: 11/15, 11/16 @ 8:00pm; 11/17 @ 2:00pm
OBLIGATION: If it wasn’t for Triangle, there wouldn’t be a McCarter Theatre. Then I wouldn’t have this internship. Oh yeah, and my housemate Jason is a former writer and designer for the PTC.
DO I HATE THIS SHOW? I can hear them rehearse through the wall in my office. If I claw out my eardrums before the show, then the answer is yes.
WHY I’LL GO: Because Jimmy Stewart used to be in the club? Because I love all-male kicklines? Because they’ll poke fun at their school hacking the Boola-Boolas?
WHY I WON’T: Because I’m sick of this crap. I’m going to bed.

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