Well folks, no more TCNJ web access for me. This means that my two larger files: the wallpaper for Couchophilia and the complete 20-minute recording of Never Trust A Crying Dame, my for-class radio show, have been removed from the site. If you are interested in either, let me know. (Do the same if you are interested in In The Dark, my Senior Practicum film)

In other news, the afternoon’s news of a hostage situation in a Moscow theatre has drastically changed an idea I had been mulling over this morning. I have had this backstage comedy playing in my head, but I wanted to add an element of Cold War paranoia to it. But now these terrorists have taken my mind’s theatre and created an entirely separate play. Now it’s a Producers-esque scenario: A boring play is suddenly electrified by their terrorist takeover. The politics may be edgy, but that’s just want this audience wants, and the critics call this the best show in town. The revolution will be dramatized!

Then the second act opens ten weeks into the “terrorist revue’s” run. By this point, the magic has worn off, and the terrorists have been recast with less talented (but more-Equity) actors. The show then undergoes a conservative coup: back to boring drama!

As this play seems to write itself, I think I want my idea from this morning back. But since that idea was essentially “Directors James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow in The Philadelphia Story“, I’m not so sure it’s much better….

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