More Than Just Something

After a long dry spell, is coming out of standby. I’m back on the Internet, in more ways than one. If you visit Matt Weeks’s revision of the All College Theatre website, you can see that the new “Past Productions” button is a picture of me in a money shot from Couchophilia.

Expect less furniture-loving and more cucumber sandwiches in next week’s The Importance of Being Earnest, which I trust you are all going to see. After seeing McCarter Theatre‘s decently-done Loot and Princeton Theatre Intime‘s poorly-acted-but-also-decent production of Betty’s Summer Vacation, I’m hoping that my alma mater will be able to produce a solid hit. You’ll have to trek into Ewing to find out.

In writing news, I have completed another ten-minute play which may be coming to the site. I’m torn about its quality (and it’s originality—it’s more inanimate-object love), but it’s fun, so we’ll see how it polishes up.

And it’s important to note that this ten-minute play is fairly new, while my other big projects are still sitting around. The last new play posted on this site was Urban Myth in January, and though I’ve completed five short plays and started many other pieces, nothing has made its way to the Anthology. I guarantee something will before the end of the year, but I want it to be more than just something.

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