A Very Rough Outline

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 1:41am
From: Mike Mariano
To: Dean Hurley
Subject: Marley 3E Outline


Attached is a very rough outline I’ve been working on over the last two days. What’s good: it keeps everything in continuous action on one set (the funeral home), while keeping a suprising amount of the same setup. What’s bad: —- is gone, returning only as another character lazily named —-. But since his story is gutted, as well as everybody’s but Bill’s, there isn’t a lot yet for everyone to do.

But this is a decent setup. It’s clean and filled with possibility, even if it’s not really The Marley Show. Take a look, and try and answer the question: “What can EVERYBODY do at the funeral home?” See you soon.


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