The Tinkering

The tinkering here at never stops. Thanks to the wonders of a tasty StyleSheet Switcher, you can enjoy my site in all sorts of fruity colors!

(Disclaimer: may not be available in Opera.)

Also, you may have noticed that my site craps out in older versions of Netscape. I created an alternate StyleSheet to prevent this, but unfortunately Netscape views all of the switcher’s commands as Javascript errors. If you don’t want to download a new browser, you may want to turn off your stylesheets and view this site in its naked flavor.

Also, I have added anchors to the dates on the weblog archive pages. So if you want to link directly to the time I put myself into the Kevin Bacon game or when I spilled I Am The Devil secrets and dissed Tom Stoppard, the a names are all set up.

In the meantime, I am running around during concerts, writing a smidgin at a time, and having fun misspelling Dean‘s name. I don’t know if you’ll see any new work on the site, soon, but rest assured it’s in progress.

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