As I was writing a note to myself this morning, I followed it out by writing “dot dot dot,” instead of an actual elipses. This reminds me of a line of mine that you probably aren’t going to see (from my currently in-the-drawer play How To Be An Audience), so I’ll print it here:

“Entire plays can be constructed around the power of silence. When Harold Pinter writes a play, his best lines are the ones left unsaid. When Harold Pinter writes a check, he follows his signature with “dot-dot-dot.” And it works.”

In my current work, Eating Disorder currently contains two nearly silent scenes featuring my favorite theme of man versus inanimate objects. And just this morning a monologue idea popped into my head. It wouldn’t be silent, but it would be a disconnect from the action onstage and the content of the piece. I wonder what else I can play with, dot dot dot?

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