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Silent and Acrobatic

For my play-in-progress Eating Disorder, I currently have about three separate scenes going. I also have a plot to fit those scenes into, but it fits very loosely. Plus, the scenes are all nearly silent and acrobatic, and once anyone … Continue reading

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A Very Rough Outline

Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 1:41amFrom: Mike MarianoTo: Dean HurleySubject: Marley 3E Outline Dean, Attached is a very rough outline I’ve been working on over the last two days. What’s good: it keeps everything in continuous action on one set … Continue reading

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Rand Brothers Publishing

Hey, I’ve actually updated four days in a row! What prompted this blogasm? I take my eyes off for a few weeks, and what happens? Plays! Lots of new plays. It’s still not a century-strong Samuel French catalog, but … Continue reading

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