The Papacy

On September 20 of last year, I spoke of wanting to use the Pope for a cheap joke. I have very lofty ambitions.

And now, in keeping with my still-unformed movie gag reel, I now have an awful movie idea: a presidential political thriller, set a couple centuries back with the papacy in place of the presidency. Picture this: a tense moment during the Crusades. Lots of shots of steely-jawed cardinals giving advice. A mistress for His Holiness, who boozes it up and tells him to get out of the game. And dialogue like: “Sir, you have to pull back the crusaders, or it could trigger Armageddeon.” Just add Kevin Costner and the film writes itself.

On a separate note, one of the playwrights that I want to riff on in my Boring Science Plays is the inventive David Ives. Researching his work, though, has been a little uncomfortable. I knew he liked to write short works that deal heavily with twisted wordplay and unique perspectives, and that I was treading a little bit in that direction. However, I did not know that Ives had written plays like Mere Mortals or “Soap Opera”, plays in which Greek myth is personified and where men have sex with inanimate objects. Too little and too late, I’ve written plays in a similar vein. The more I learn, the more I feel like I’ve been aping Ives for much longer than I thought.

And plus, the idea I have for his segment of Boring Science Plays actually has a plot. Since when does Ives need one of those?

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