Gag Reel

I keep a “gag reel.” Every time I come up with a witty line, I write it down, even if I’m not sure how I’ll apply it to something I’m working on. The Bill Show had the most isolated gags that worked their way into my work, but all of my plays have had incidents insipired by an individual comic riff.

I do have to say, though, that my gag reels are separate for each play; if I come up with a witty line, I attach it to the reel for the appropriate play. A laborious double entendre may be fun for my (shelved) Murray Rosen screenplays, but would be out of place in something like Big Game. (which could be considered itself a laborious single entendre) This ensures that no matter how low the gag, it has a place in the work. If my play is just a series of gags, it’s the right series of gags.

But today I thought of a line that I couldn’t affix to a play: “How could they blow so much smoke up your ass with your head stuck up it?” It’s a crass, Hollywood type mixed-metaphor. It’s fun to let dance in your head, but ultimately it fits nothing I am writing or would write, unless I get started on The Rock, Part Two. Indeed, maybe my bad Sean Connery-esque lines should get their own gag reel.

Only then I’d be obligated to use them….

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