North of the Border

Just a few smidgins added to my Cascading StyleSheet, and the site seems to look decent again in Internet Explorer 6. Let me know if your browsing experience is at all ugly.

But the big news is that The Marley Show will be performed this weekend at the Balmoral Jr. Secondary School in North Vancouver, BC. It’s my first show north of the border! Wish these kids good luck, and if you’re in the area, see the show!

And I am up a mountain right now, working for the opening of the Belleayre Music Festival. Come up and see a show!

In writing news, I am currently working on two works called Eating Disorder and Boring Science Plays. Since Boring Science Plays is actually four one-acts, I’m switching my time from one work to the other, never actually getting much more than a page per day on any of the works. I don’t know if this is an acceleration or what. We’ll see how long this multitasking keeps up.

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