Cheesy Photoshopped Skull

The illustrious American Theater Web has for months been running this front page advertisement:


This is for the recent Hamlet production at Court Theatre at the University of Chicago. It annoys me. Nationwide advertising, and they’re using their actor’s headshot and a cheesy Photoshopped skull. Minimalist design isn’t bad, but it requires a bit of imagination. You can’t just stick a handkerchief on a piece of paper and call it Othello.

Wait, that would actually be cool.

But the other problem is with the actor himself. Looking at the Theatre’s website, I see Hamlet grew his hair out for the production. Thank goodness, because the neat bob on this poster makes him look like Steve from Blues Clues. “We just forged a letter, we just forged a letter, we just forged a letter, Ros and Guil are dead.”

For the record, Court Theatre is currently performing “the classic American musical” My Fair Lady, a statement as accurate as it is bizarre.

I understand that not every poster can look as good as the one we had for Arcadia (It features three sexy people and me.), but unless the Dane’s father is a computer-generated pastel dog, I think a new poster is in order.

Or better yet: the show’s over. Stop advertising it!

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