I’ve Shelved Better

Opening night of Arcadia was small, but potent. However, I have been informed that my repeated slamming of doors are beginning to break the set. Oops. Oh well; chewing the scenery is part of the fun.

The full-length I am currently working on (Due for class in a few hours.) has been through a few changes, and I’m not so sure it’s a strong piece. The setup so far is such a flimsy pretense that it reminds me of my middle-school “Young and the Senseless” sequels that I spun from my friend Meggan’s script. (You may remember them all being on the site back in 1998.)

But though I’ve shelved better products in the past, I’m going to ride this one out. I finally have the perfect situation for a character I’ve long wanted to use. We’ll see….

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