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Naughty with Photoshop

I’ve been naughty with Photoshop again…. The fruits of my efforts are up at my TCNJ site….COUCHOPHILIA WALLPAPER!!! (1024 by 768, ZIPed up) This picture of Ryan was taken by ACT’s own Joe Masciangelo, who also expertly lit this touching … Continue reading

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The Reviews are In

To recap: The Marley Show was performed this weekend in South Dayton, NY. No news yet, but it’s forthcoming. Also, the reviews are in for The Hunger Artists Couch Potato Comedy Festival, featuring Jack, Wanda, and Ben and Couchophilia. Both … Continue reading

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Mobile Phone

I’ve been playing with an emulator of a mobile phone web browser. It doesn’t have much desktop use, but it lets me do cool things like read Couchophilia:

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