Deleted Scenes

Now that I mention that Devil Scene 3 beginning, I think it’s something you might like to see on the site. So here it is. It’s probably too similar to Alice’s initial dishwasher experience, and probably too much of a wimpy way to start the scene. And besides, the current Scene 3 opening has people playing board games, which makes it into nearly everything I write. Consider this the DVD deleted scenes section:

Scene 3

(The scene opens in the office a week later. ALICE lies on the couch, frowning. GABE sits at the desk and speaks.)

Gabe Alice, why didn’t you talk to her? If she took your shopping cart, you had every right to approach her.

Alice Gabe, I know, but I didn’t want to put up a fight.

Gabe But you were right! And that was the last jar of light mayonnaise in the store!

Alice Gabe, I didn’t really need the mayonnaise, and I didn’t really need the hassle. I let it go.

Gabe Alice, I just don’t think that’s characteristic of you. In this office, you never give the impression that you’re anything but confident and in charge.

Alice Well Gabe, I know you. I didn’t know this woman.

Gabe Yeah, and I’m thinking that might be the problem…. You have a fear of the unfamiliar.

Alice (Unimpressed:)
Ooh, no one’s ever had that before….

Gabe Alice, it isn’t so much that you have it, it’s the way that you deal with it. You back down from an unfamiliar challenge, and you let it fester. It’s not healthy.

(He leans forward.)

Alice, when I look at you, I see a woman who is so afraid of being vulnerable, that she’s more vulnerable because of that. When you first came in here, the only way you would express yourself was through a front about supernatural powers.

Alice Ah, I thought we weren’t supposed to talk about my “religious beliefs” anymore.

Gabe True, I’m sorry. But Alice, you give yourself too much unneeded anxiety, and that can be avoided. Just don’t censor yourself. And don’t hide yourself….

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