Dead Playwright

I’ve been stuck on a scene in my pet full-length. Since the end of January, I’ve written no dialogue, just notes. What really bugs me is how rigid a writer I’ve become. I can’t begin writing until I’ve developed a nearly complete outline, and after that I write dialogue only in order. But back in the day of The Marley Show and The Bill Show, Dean and I did the outline first, but the scenes we broke apart and wrote well out of sequence.

But then when I Am The Devil rolled around, I wrote the whole thing in order, barely a line out of sequence. Towards the end of writing, I ran up against a stupid block (somewhere in Karl and Alice’s Act II Scene 2 phone conversation). After days without writing, I recognized how ridiculous my mental obstacle was, so to jumpstart my creativity I skipped out of sequence and began Act II Scene 3. Two pages into it, I threw it out. I slogged through Scene 2 and wrote a fresh start for Scene 3 in sequence.

So although the old Scene 3 opening didn’t pan out, it at least got me writing. But my new full-length will have no scenes, only two acts, and that’s a lot harder to skip around in. But I should start something, because there’s a fine line between “lazy playwright” and “dead playwright” that I don’t want to cross.

I hear “dead playwright” pays better, though.

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