Some notes from my initial poring-over of the script to Arcadia:

  • The highly ridiculed poem in the play is called “The Couch of Eros”, which sounds suspiciously like a certain short play I’ve written. But my play has less monkey bites.
  • The play takes place in two different time periods, and in the last scene we see both time periods active at the same time. In this last scene, my character (Valentine) and Curt’s character (Septimus) read the same document separated by two hundred years. I couldn’t help being reminded of the similar technique I used in I Am The Devil, where Gabe reads a letter while we see Kim writing it. It frustrates me, because when read alound, both scenes have a slightly creepy feel that works great onstage. But Arcadia got there first! Even though my sequence is more intricate, it will be seen as derivative.

So yeah, I rip off Tom Stoppard, albeit without knowing it. But I do it better.

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