Japanese Flag Boxer Shorts

I’ve been searching for a while now for Japanese Flag Boxer Shorts like Mr. Matsuda wears in The Bill Show. I’ve found a few companies who do custom prints, but no actual flag boxers. Am I the only one who thinks patriotic underwear is funny?

The only site I found (besides my own) that makes reference to Japanese Flag Boxers is Bleeding Hearts, a site filled with man-on-man explicit fan fiction for an anime series I’ve never heard of. (Weiss Kreuz?) Observe this passage:

Ken wandered into the bedroom, wearing his favorite pair of boxer shorts—the ones with the Japanese flag emblazoned across the front, and a huge soccer ball printed across the seat. Ken was amazed to find that he felt a little shy. He and Ran had slept together many times over the past months. But…this was the first time they were going to bed in their apartment, in their bedroom…in their bed.

Whoo! Makes me hot just thinking about it! Actually, no, that’s not true. I’m rather disturbed.

Which brings me to my point: Japanese Boxers don’t only exist in my writing now; they also exist in yaoi fanfiction. And I still can’t place an order.

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