Tremendously Positive

Whoo! We had a terrific run for All College Theatre’s Evening of Shorts 2002, and Couchophilia, along with the rest of the one-acts, got a tremendously positive response to make this the highest-grossing One-Acts in ACT history. Not bad!

And with one production brought to a close, there may be a few more on the horizon, stay tuned!

I’ve noticed that quite a bit of my site traffic is coming from Scott Schrader’s Nintendo-themed comic Oldskooled. I am a fan of the site, and I have contributed a few guest comics. My latest one has taken first prize in Scott’s “Games That Never Made It” contest. I’m honored by the award, but now that I’m thinking about it, isn’t Michael Flatley Irish, not Scottish? Oh well.

So, for the visitors from Oldskooled who may not dig the playwriting vibe, here are my comments on each of my comics:

  • AYB Zelda: This is a rather obvious Zero Wing piece that I can’t believe wasn’t attempted earlier. Marginally funny, but eerily well-fitting.
  • Final Fantasy Drive-In: This comic takes the acclaimed Bridge Sequence from Final Fantasy and uses it to make a crass remark about the movie. Why is the Bridge Sequence so acclaimed anyway? I liked it better as a slide puzzle game.
  • Riverdance Dance Revolution: OK, the original idea I had for this was Wank Wank Revolution, and my artistic submission would actually be the box art, prominently displaying “Power Glove Required!” But I couldn’t find good enough pictures of vintage Nintendo box art, so I scaled back my plans. It still turned out pretty good.

In any case, I have to say that I think that Oldskooled is one of the better sprite-based comics out there, and I’m not just saying that because I know Scott personally. The comic makes use of video game characters and conventions, (Mario uses a magic potion to take chicks back to his place, Ninja Gaiden’s cinema scenes literally become a soap opera, etc.), but it isn’t wholly dependent on them, like RPG World seem to be. And unlike Bob and George, the site doesn’t mistake self-referenciality for humor. The moment Scott appears as a character himself, you’ll know it’s going downhill. And I think the greatest appeal of the site is its unremitting cruelty. Observe:

(At the hospital:)

“Where’d you get that giant beer?”

“Vending machine.”

“Vending machine?”

“Yeah, it’s in the maternity ward.”

Not many websites can prove that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is funny. Oldskooled does just that.

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