Countless Posthumous Renditions

Hey! Did I mention the stress I’ve been under lately? I didn’t know what to chalk it up to. School hasn’t been particularly difficult this semester. And my directorial duties for ACT have been a little tricky, but not really agitating. Then I realized what it was.

Opera Theatre performed a certain Rodgers and Hammerstein musical a few weeks past, and I was gritting my teeth with dread to have to see, discuss, or otherwise think about this show. I did not enjoy it in the least when I had to see it TWICE when the Our Gang Players performed it back in high school, and I had no desire to see it again. Now that I’ve seen it, the horror should be over, but apparently most of my friends view the tunes as “catchy,” and I’ve been hearing countless posthumous renditions of the work of That Musical. I think I can relate all of my ulcers, gray hairs, and burnt-out feelings to this black hole of a show.

In other news, we finally have a couch for Couchophilia, and it will arrive tomorrow, so we can get to know it. Oh yeah….

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