Exactly What We Know

Sometimes I wish I were as successful as Mike O’Malley. You may remember Mr. O’Malley from his ESPN commercials, or from his supporting sitcom work on Yes Dear or his short-lived star vehicle The Mike O’Malley Show. This last entry had the creative drive of Mr. O’Malley himself, creating the character of “Mike,” a sports-loving guy dealing with being thirty. Obviously, this was a big stretch from his ESPN character, who was also a sports-loving guy, 30-ish guy, but was named “Rick.”

But previously unbeknownst to me, it turns out that Mike O’Malley is also a fellow playwright. His plays “Diverting Devotion” and “Three Years from Thirty” deal with sports-loving guys on the verge of thirty. My goodness.

Then again, aren’t all of my plays like that? The Bill Show exhibits all the fears and insecurities of two young men from New Jersey dealing with their high school graduation. I Am The Devil deals with my C.S. Lewis-type romantic thaw. Yup. We write about what we know. Exactly what we know.

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