A Lot of Blood and Killing

So I was watching this movie on HBO a few years back, which seemed to be about all of these contract killers stuck at the top of this building, and they would have to shoot their way to the ground floor against some mob guys and maybe each other. So there’s a lot of blood and killing, yadda yadda yadda, and finally there are only two guys left. One is the “hero” I guess, or the guy we got to know the best, and the other is a retarded guy, who I guess was playing the Lenny to another killer’s George (who at this point is dead).

Anyway, these two make it to the ground floor and there are all these sharp-dressed Chinese guys waiting for them. They say to the hero guy, “Congratulations. Now you must kill him,” referring to the retarded guy.

But instead the hero guy shoots all the Chinese guys and lets the retarded guy live. Then they walk out of the building and down the street, the end.

So uh, does anyone remember this movie? Am I just making this up?

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