Blip on the Radar

I’m trying to convince myself to propose Couchophilia for the ACT One-Acts. Last year’s chosen plays were all really short, while my longer compositions were humped and dumped. This year, I planned to propose other plays (which are 35-45 minutes), yet I find that nearly every other person is proposing a short 15 minute scene again. This is discouraging.

So what I may do is propose “Couchophilia”, and put myself in the running with the other people.

But “Couchophilia” is 10 minutes at best; even the shortest scenes last year were at least 15. And heck, after the Westminster Players’ Jack, Wanda, and Ben lasted 7-8 minutes, my play would be a blip on the radar….

Still, it’s a fun play, and maybe I’d want to pull it off….

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