Amish Army Barracks

Actors Aid America, the Westminster Players’ One-Acts, went extremely well. Sure, I’d like to talk about how enthusiastically Jack, Wanda, and Ben was received, but the fact is the entire performance was top-knotch, and really skillfully done.

And the semi-circle tube that is The Playhouse, while it may seem less than grand for the operas and musicals that are performed there, was a perfect setting for the simply told one-acts. (I’ve only seen one musical in The Playhouse, and it worked great there, but I know some people on campus are disheartened that their performance space looks like an Amish army barracks.) Remember kids, these are musicians and singers putting on plays with no singing or music. And it was perfect.

And since this is the end of the performance, I need to update the site! I’ll put it on my to do list. See ya!

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